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The coloured version of the previously inked picture of Ember happily eating Twilight out of house and home… quite literally. XD
safe (1425033)artist:duragan (121)princess ember (5110)dragon (37342)triple threat (798)adorafatty (246)belly (20391)bloated (377)chubby (11400)crystal (1975)cute (147835)dragoness (5417)eating (7528)emberbetes (175)fat (17577)female (756673)gem (4193)gradient background (8965)inflation (7171)not pregnant (36)spread wings (40838)standing (8202)stuffed (1228)stuffing (1031)weight gain (3111)wings (52624)


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
If the door isn’t big enough, she can just eat a bigger hole in the wall!

Assuming she doesn’t wind up in a feedback loop, where she gets bigger faster than the hole she’s creating…
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