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Nobody expects the Equestrian Inquisition!
Cave background, by Proenix. Dungeon background, by Gray–day. Twilight puppet by Bronyanimstudios
dead source35480 safe1991946 artist:bronyanimstudios5 artist:gray--day274 artist:proenix107 edit158671 edited screencap81772 screencap267111 thorax5131 twilight sparkle335407 alicorn278322 changedling10562 changeling59223 pony1344901 triple threat1113 animated114067 c:1311 cardinal ximenes1 chair10274 cute239102 double rainboom puppet76 evil grin5586 eyes closed122649 female1622480 frown29482 gif41932 glare8733 grin53962 gritted teeth16907 hat110296 king thorax3546 king thorax the fabulous20 mare628709 monty python346 open mouth201528 pure unfiltered evil1900 raised hoof60788 sitting80000 smiling337377 smirk16141 spanish inquisition31 stretching2848 twiabetes13995 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139614 underhoof62350


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Twilight: You will stay in the comfy chair until lunchtime, with only a cup of coffee at 11:00–Is that all there is?  
Starlight: Uh, yes, Twilight.  
Twlight: I see. I suppose we make it worse by shouting a lot, do we?
(they all lean toward Thorax)
Twlight: Confess, changeling. Confess. Confess! CONFESS! CONFESS!  
Starlight: I CONFESS!  
Twilight: NOT YOU!