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Nobody expects the Equestrian Inquisition!
Cave background, by Proenix. Dungeon background, by Gray–day. Twilight puppet by Bronyanimstudios
safe1770515 artist:bronyanimstudios5 artist:gray--day273 artist:proenix103 edit138057 edited screencap68893 screencap231495 thorax4522 twilight sparkle308505 alicorn236271 changedling8898 changeling50624 pony1030565 triple threat1017 animated101961 c:1225 cardinal ximenes1 chair7195 cute208145 double rainboom puppet67 evil grin4717 eyes closed100055 female1419195 frown23950 gif32668 glare8334 grin41995 gritted teeth13543 hat92105 king thorax3007 king thorax the fabulous19 mare511384 monty python335 open mouth158327 pure unfiltered evil1774 raised hoof49387 sitting66597 smiling267024 smirk13286 spanish inquisition32 stretching2453 twiabetes12377 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127182 underhoof54536


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Twilight: You will stay in the comfy chair until lunchtime, with only a cup of coffee at 11:00–Is that all there is?  
Starlight: Uh, yes, Twilight.  
Twlight: I see. I suppose we make it worse by shouting a lot, do we?
(they all lean toward Thorax)
Twlight: Confess, changeling. Confess. Confess! CONFESS! CONFESS!  
Starlight: I CONFESS!  
Twilight: NOT YOU!