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safe2197732 edit174881 edited screencap91783 screencap297731 princess ember8746 starlight glimmer60662 twilight sparkle361111 alicorn319433 dragon87041 pony1628174 unicorn549659 g42053652 season 72503 triple threat1146 animated127556 blinking5213 confused6801 discovery family logo12637 dragon wings1242 dragoness14434 eyebrows25838 female1829157 food103014 frown36723 gif49492 looking at someone17187 mare758157 mistaken identity148 muffin7586 partially open wings2485 starlight glimmer is not amused524 trio27382 trio female5979 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150777 twilight sparkle is not amused2027 unamused24387 wings229645


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With princess ember looking at twilight and starlight glimmer thinking she never saw a purple pony before when times princess ember was to almost pull out a horn over seeing twilight and starlight glimmer in similar hairstyles.
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This struck me a bit like the whole “roses are red, violets are blue” sort of thing. Violets obviously are not blue; it turns out that descriptive language didn’t exist yet. “Blue” meant any color that was bluish” to “violet-ish”.
Similarly, I wonder if dragons aren’t terribly descriptive amongst themselves.
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Riiiiiight…You say that, yet Moondancer exists
Lol. Moondancer started out as a recolor of Twilight but by the end, Moondancer carries an introverted style of her own unique to Twilight. Would be cute if she wore proper glasses, got a new hair style and changed her cloths. You wouldn’t think she was a Twilight recolor anymore.
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I once worked at the little phone fixing service. The owner also partnered up with someone and they had a little advertising firm sitting in the same rented office with us.  
So. There was a girl manager with light coloured hair who worked in the service and the other girl, also with light hair, who worked in the advertising firm. I couldn’t tell them apart! Like, I had to remember which one came dressed in which clothing in order to remember which one is which!
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You know I’ve remember the way back before season 5 started seeing a comment from a background Pony saying that Starlight looked exactly like a Twilight even though he said you had to change starlights design to make her look like Starlight
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I thought Ember was colorblind at first too. She can tell they’re both purple (Starlight has a lavander coat and a purple mane, had to write that down in my notes).