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safe (1520640) artist:ponut_joe (391) sunset shimmer (54441) equestria girls (172028) bare shoulders (1552) beautiful (4153) belt (4133) boots (17527) bracelet (7352) clothes (386696) cowboy boots (1166) cute (166827) dress (37588) female (844699) freckles (23659) hat (72051) jewelry (45824) looking at you (134531) ruffles (80) shimmerbetes (3751) shoes (27441) short hair (1517) shoulderless (257) smiling (201747) solo (935675) sun hat (646) sundress (238) sunflower (380) when she smiles (907)


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Background Pony #4945
I'd reference the song again, but I did that already. All I will say is that sunflowers gel surprisingly well with me considering how my favorite character of all time AND her potential boyfriend are associated with roses.
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Background Pony #69B4
Sort of off topic comment: I think the only time that happened to me was when I saw the end of "Bee and Puppycat"

Heart-stoppingly beautiful. Sexy, too, but it's subdued in here and leaves room for more love, which Shimmer always deserves.