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introducing my first set of dakimakuras! featuring luna and celestia, as well as a limited supply of custom, one-of-a-kind dakis of whoever you desire

details are on the listings!

make sure to order these during the pre-order period to ensure you snag one! i will only have a very limited supply of them after that time frame~
safe1680986 artist:pearlyiridescence862 princess celestia93948 alicorn219584 pony943038 adorasexy9492 bed40048 blushing193251 body pillow3582 body pillow design2332 both cutie marks10190 cute195985 cutelestia3544 featureless crotch6767 female1340156 heart eyes15893 looking at you163917 looking back55721 mare468432 merchandise4120 missing accessory7996 multicolored mane1466 multicolored tail1117 on back23982 open mouth140766 plot77158 praise the sun2021 purple eyes2197 regalia19135 royalty1177 sexy28571 smiling241370 solo1046602 stupid sexy celestia1557 sunbutt3954 underhoof50832 watermark15703 wingding eyes21674 wings102013


not provided yet


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