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As you explore a mysterious dungeon, you stumble upon a purple, anthropomorphic alicorn. She offers you to take a break. Roll a D20 for an extra restoration bonus.
explicit321857 artist:theomegaridley105 twilight sparkle285883 alicorn202316 anthro236117 anus88394 ass43804 breasts248984 butt38301 candle4267 complete nudity3292 dungeon884 female1271731 fire10335 hallway800 inviting504 looking back50848 nudity338053 open mouth127261 presenting22016 rear view10465 smiling220806 solo991200 solo female169932 spreading16909 stairs1541 tongue out93092 twibutt4806 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117191 vulva115152


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Background Pony #9FAA
Instead of restoring you, she drains you to restore herself and then takes your place on the adventure while you are left in her position to await adventurers the same way she had once been cursed to.