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"Your head feels nice"
safe (1458776)artist:paskanaakka (610)derpibooru exclusive (20988)maud pie (11242)trixie (57294)breezie (1942)mushroom pony (48)original species (19075)antennae (357)breeziefied (466)colored hooves (3477)cute (154042)diatrixes (2428)ear fluff (18848)featured image (719)female (785867)lesbian (84177)maudabetes (251)mauxie (439)mauzie (16)mushroom (700)my little x (232)rock (3483)shipping (168496)shroomsie (16)species swap (16218)unshorn fetlocks (19336)wat (17819)

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Monde de merde
Trixie seems to disagree.

We all know better though. :P
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Background Pony #9D4
I’m so happy this is a featured image. May Trixieshroom and BreezieMaud spread far and wide. It’s also very cute.
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