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Hey people I hope you are well rested
explicit321856 grimdark29323 artist:redvais146 princess celestia90419 princess luna94776 alicorn202317 octopus409 pony868051 :33973 abuse6470 anatomically correct21829 anus88394 bikini16531 blushing179646 clitoris24503 clothes419158 cutie mark42857 female1271736 femsub9506 lunabuse142 mare431948 nudity338053 panties46647 panties aside1340 plot72236 ponytail16119 rape7743 rcf community4940 sex109365 sex in the water132 submissive14121 surprise sex421 swimming1734 swimsuit25909 tentacle porn7333 tentacles10885 under the surface69 underhoof47265 underwater4582 underwear56227 vulva115152


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A few moments and Luna won't be bursting to get out of the water anymore.
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@Neko Majin C
Nonsense. Just gotta toughen them up. Like bootcamp, except for octopi. And instead of building their endurance and training them to stab & shoot, it's building their endurance and training them to penetrate & shoot.