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suggestive148555 artist:zelc-face307 twilight sparkle306552 equestria girls207689 absolute cleavage3659 alternative cutie mark placement1801 beach babe721 belly button81534 bikini19035 bikini babe740 breasts289362 busty twilight sparkle12483 c:1223 cleavage35712 clothes477008 crotchmark364 cutie mark swimsuit155 female1404765 glasses64903 i can't believe it's not sci-twi116 night27443 purple swimsuit265 sexy30749 smiling262119 solo1096511 solo female183925 stars16337 stupid sexy twilight1039 swimsuit29821 thighs15156 twilight's professional glasses135 underass2622 zelc-face's swimsuits55


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Sexy, nerdy Twily!
Of course, I’m gonna get rid of the “Sci-Twi” tag. In case if you don’t know why, Sci-Twi had a long ponytail and previously, a hairbun in Friendship Games, remember? This is just Princess/Pony Twilight wearing glasses A.K.A the glasses from Lesson Zero. Sci-Twi’s glasses is much larger than Pony Twilight has. Another fact is, this is a remake of Zelc’s previous 2014 version, in another case, Zelc didn’t added the glasses in the 2016 version, eventually.

Such a wonderful twilight hour, is it not?
The perfect time for pulling down your panties with my tongue and worshipping you as you deserve, Twi.