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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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A complex illustration reward for Anilox, featuring their characters (at the table, from left to right) – Golden Cloud, Nightflame, Blackmane. Phew, this one took a while to draw. A related piece can be found here: fav.me/dadwd2c

This piece is going to serve as an illustration to a story written by my patron.
The three friends, although young, already significantly engaged in their careers in the Equestrian military, meet at Canterlot's Riverstream Café on a pleasant summer day. Blackmane doesn't shy from boasting about his good fortune with the ladies, regardless of how authentic his account may be. As an inexperienced bachelor, Nightflame soaks up every single word while Golden Cloud is frankly tired of hearing them time and time again.

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Golden Cloud, Nightflame and Blackmane belong to Anilox
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