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safe (1526232) artist:bakki (596) rainbow dash (214112) rarity (165241) sweetie belle (45755) pegasus (222817) pony (801180) unicorn (244697) blushing (168226) carousel boutique (1767) closet (239) commission (47169) crack shipping (3416) eyes closed (75936) female (851065) hiding (1250) kissing (21667) lesbian (89212) mare (389806) older (21644) older sweetie belle (1622) open mouth (116490) shipping (177333) surprise kiss (708) surprised (7636) sweetiedash (77)


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #D150
@Marvelous TK

Doesn't matter. She's still a character with the name Belle. There are two Belle characters. If we call it Rainbelle, some will think Sweetie and Rainbow, while others will think Sugar and Rainbow. It gets confusing. There needs to be one and the other, not one.

SweetieDash is Sweetie Belle and Dash. SugarDash is Sugar Belle and Dash.

SweetieDash stays.