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5th piece out of 6
This is the second version of my Fluttershy drawing. First version >>Here<<  
Yeah, I know, It’s not the same level at all, but first time was for fun. This time, it’s serious business  
The light makes it look like she was just blessed by Celestia, as a friend said -, but overall it’s okay.
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Rainbow Dash  
Pinkie Pie
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As always, comments are very welcome

safe2041419 artist:sea-maas79 fluttershy244723 butterfly8865 pegasus434825 pony1394391 crepuscular rays4167 cute245451 female1662000 garden921 happy40449 looking at something4244 looking up21640 mare652674 open mouth209304 open smile20466 outdoors17269 raised hoof62944 scenery9616 shyabetes17683 sitting82655 smiling350520 solo1322684 spread wings81145 tree43147 wings189526 wings down550


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Starry Mind
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Take pride. 🌈
Your amount of background detail has improved since the picture below, but the way that you draw ponies does not seem to have changed very much. I mainly recognized your art style from how happy the character drawn is. Not many artists draw their characters smiling, with such a cute style, and with a more-than-simplistic background.  
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Starburst will be canon
@Tranquil Night  
Never thought my style would be recognized by someone who’s  
not an aquaintance one day. o_O  
I mean, not with this art style.  
I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to be honest -”  
I guess that’s a good thing, still I want to master different art styles at a time, so… :P