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safe (1109019)artist:illumnious (413)starlight glimmer (21898)twilight sparkle (207638)fame and misfortune (745)spoiler:s07e14 (742)absurd res (36455).ai available (851)alicorn (100348)boop (4244)cute (93521)female (409016)glimmerbetes (1636)noseboop (1612)nose wrinkle (2022)pony (401785)raised hoof (19782)simple background (183113)transparent background (100038)twiabetes (4769)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (72648)unicorn (95373)vector (53799)
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Background Pony #D6A9
Starlight is trying out new ways to boop her own nose, because apparently self booping is no longer exciting.
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