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Background Pony #23FA
And then when Sunset goes to Earth to give the give of pony magic and friendship to non-EqG humanity, the Christians claim she’s the False Prophet from Revelation, that ponies and EqG girls are actually demons from Satan sent to tempt good, moral, upstanding patriotic humans away from blindly worshiping God or the scientific method, and that any act of genuine gentle kindness conceals a sinister secret to take away humanity’s freedom.

And then all of humanity, led by the most hardcore HFY nations in the world, America and Russia, declares war on her, the EqG humans and the ponies, and won’t rest until Equestria is destroyed, the EqG world is destroyed and any human follower of Sunset or the ponies is doxxed and cyberbullied to suicide, because they are a weak, unfit specimen polluting the human gene pool. And the humans begin swearing, infighting, drinking and smoking more than ever. And then begin systematically euthanizing autistic people in the name of natural selection.

And after all the ponies and EqG girls and aspies are all extinct, all of the brave patriotic men and women who fought for humanity’s survival in the face of a terrible threat to their freedom that, if not addressed right away could take away humanity’s right to abuse people, be disrespectful and prey on the weak. What an unspeakably evil threat to their glorious way of life. A tear shed for those brave freedom fighters who fought for freedom by stomping so many defenseless unarmed but always-lawful-evil ponies to death with giant mechs but somehow were lost anyways when for once a terrified, desperate pony or EqG managed to kill just one human.

And then to repopulate the earth after a shocking 85 combatants were KIA against the pony/EqG threat, the noble patriots engaged in some passionate but good, healthy, kink-free sex to fulfill their biological duty to God and their species, and procreate to repopulate the earth.

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