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Background Pony #D234
Why are there always all these bloodthirsty people in the comments that roleplay to do gruesome stuff to the characters over friendship issues? I mean you would probably have to kill a lot of characters including some of the mane six, too.
SharpEdge's avatar
And the next time we see Starlight "handling" a hater, she shows how easily she can fling them into space.

The next time we the Rarity haters, they are protesting outside her home.

Maybe being threatened by Rarity’s "friend" because of thier opinion only escalated things a bit.

<3 you Starlight.
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Sunburst - Derpi Supporter
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Needs more Starburst

Those two aren’t worth the effort to get her hooves dirty. She’ll just force choke them to death and then get back to trying to comfort Rarity.


The show is self-aware. It knows that those ponies are going to suffer horrendously so the rating shot up, especially since Starlight has got royal content to do so.
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Background Pony #D234
The problem I had was that there is a difference between saying something about a character you know is fictional and a character you know is real.
When the fans say something about a pony they know they are talking about a made up character and they are talking about the writing of it or other aspects.
If you know they are real all the discussions don’t make sense anymore and some of them even come off as abuse of the real characters.
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Background Pony #F702
Now this would make like Glimmer a little more if I’ve watched her scramble those 2 buttheads.
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