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Rainbow Dash: Shouldn’t you be wearing your disguise?
Daring Do: I won’t be needing it anymore once ponies figure out the resemblence between Yearling and Daring and draw conclusions!
In the episode, it was mentioned by a few fillies that Rainbow Dash wrote a story about meeting Daring Do. And since the book is non-fiction…


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when she felt her wings unfold
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🦄 Horny on Mane
— Okay, mmaybe we shoulda employed an editor and a printing press instead of Starlights Little Grey Book spell. But this doesn’t affect our friendship, right?
— See you in book 27. Working title’s "Daring Do and the Neuralizer of Na-retcon". You fans won’t know what hit you. Literally.
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Even though it was in her journal Twilight published… And they would have found out from that anyway?
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Not only that, you tipped off the Trinity paramilitary organization and now they’re gonna kidnap everypony close to Daring Do!!
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Didn’t she make a book chronicling the adventure? Ponies should already know about it before this event.
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