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credit to:   【Lavender Town Glitchhop Mix】and "Destiny Bond" ♪ Original Pokemon Song by Trickywi (Feat: GlitchxCity) for song she is a beautiful singer and youtuber her gave me inspiration for this art to me it machees the fight between chrysalis and starlight glimmer so well  here are both versions of the songs:



and the lyrics winch i would think starlight and chrysalis would say: 

starlight glimmer  :i will be the last you see is irony

chrysalis: i’ll be the one to take all your glory

starlight glimmer: you wrote the end to your own life story 

chrysalis: make a move on me

starlight glimmer: i’ll be your last memory

together: take me down

together: the trick’s on you because your coming with me  

i donn’t own the song or music ; song and music belong to trickywi take a look at her channel



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