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safe (1427268)artist:foughtdragon01 (75)daybreaker (2064)alicorn (163083)pony (694946)coffee (3163)coffee mug (919)cup (4638)female (758516)floppy ears (41251)frown (19569)glowing horn (13563)implied princess luna (317)levitation (8663)lidded eyes (18615)magic (57399)mane of fire (1030)mare (334367)missing accessory (6689)morning ponies (1262)mug (3068)paper (2596)signature (14830)solo (874834)telekinesis (20668)tired (2439)walking (3424)


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Background Pony #1E63
The moon being scratched out on the mug (maybe it’s Luna’s former mug?) sure is a nice touch.
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