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minor edit — forgot to add a bit of shadow to her eyes. fixed that.

So finally finished.

I swear this character makes me want to draw her more every time I work on a piece that has her.

Would you believe that the last few edits were made through a track pad? No mouse. No tablet. 

Used a whole lot of different techniques here. Coloring is brighter, line art is not dark lines. 
Wanted to make it——


Had to re-edit the line art last minute—trackpad,
Last minute shading adjustment—-trackpad.
Stare at my finished work and at how hot Adagio is—-Track Bad.


Ms. Dazzle, are you aware that several hundred people were hurt at your concert last night?

—Really? Thought it would’ve been a few thousand.

ahem Are you aware what triggered this "riot"?

—Well, I’m not wearing my BRA right now, am I?

You removed your bra during the concert?!?!

—You seem to be mistaking me for some low tier pop star. I simply forgot to wear one.

Uh-huh… and that caused this…mess?

—Well, can you blame them? I am ME after all.

Fine. Though I’m surprised you even wear a bra. Or need on—GACK!!!

—What was that? I couldn’t hear you on account of my boot in your mouth. 


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