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safe (1377354)artist:racoonsan (335)sunset shimmer (48041)eqg summertime shorts (2463)equestria girls (151502)monday blues (281)bathroom (1366)bed hair (98)bottle (2830)cactus (415)clothes (338641)cute (139447)female (710246)finger gun (149)finger guns (73)hoodie (9740)human (125706)majestic as fuck (953)mane 'n tail (33)messy hair (614)mirror (3861)nailed it (64)pointing (2948)reflection (2325)scene interpretation (6676)shimmerbetes (3181)smiling (173411)solo (847056)sunset's apartment (181)tired (2274)


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Sunset: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the raddest one of all?"

Mirror: "Pssh, that’s totes you, bro."

Sunset: "Damn skippy."

[High fives and electric guitar]
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Vinyl Fluff
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What the Fluff?
@Vinyl Fluff
Would that stuff even work on human hair without utterly destroying it?

I see you’re not familiar with it, heh. It’s been popular for human use for, well, decades now. It might be harder to find in a standard chain store like Wal-Mart, but plenty of beautician supply stores and other hair specialty stores carry it. Also available at places that carry horse supplies.

The product’s webpage is geared towards humans, even.

Hair is generally hair. The texture and how fine or course it is changes, but it’s all still made up of the same stuff, keratin. You could use non-medicated cat or dog shampoo without ill-effect as well.
Background Pony #A7AA
It’s 2017 and artists still paste cutie marks they found on the Internet into their artworks without crediting anyone. Good grief.
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