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safe1588004 artist:dstears608 twilight sparkle284039 alicorn199915 pony859858 unicorn274479 art646 chocolate2957 chocolate milk692 cookie3335 cookie jar322 cute181515 everything is ruined337 female1228405 filly59973 filly twilight sparkle2457 food62306 hnnng2295 mare427653 milk3882 monochrome143032 pure unfiltered evil1637 purple877 purple smart99 reaching388 tongue out92037 twiabetes10485 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116337 twilight stealing a cookie17 unicorn twilight13673 younger15574


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"No, alcoholism killed your father."

Points to whoever gets that reference.
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Funny story:

One time when I was a kid, I thought strawberry tequila was strawberry milk because it looked and smelled like it.

I never made that mistake again.