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Lesson : Don’t use smartphones while walking
safe (1108637)artist:ta-na (152)applejack (119252)fluttershy (148979)pinkie pie (155469)rainbow dash (167083)rarity (126413)sci-twi (10746)sunset shimmer (34179)twilight sparkle (207563)equestria girls (108942)monday blues (211)spoiler:eqg summertime shorts (1876)backpack (934)cellphone (1076)clothes (244836)coffee (2333)female (408623)hoodie (6374)paper bag (249)phone (2292)rain (3809)smartphone (507)solo (666621)


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Background Pony #6562
This is amazing

Also, those phones must be waterproof, as they are still working after at least a minute in hard rain that soaked Sunset and Twilight the instant it fell
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