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Lore Time

Twilight is not a natural dom at all, the only reason she is being a yandere is because she is incredibly afraid to be alone and to lose Anon so she wants to control him in every way possible and make him her property. As long as she is in control she feels safe but like this she has build up a wall. Nothing can reach her core. She should know that control is not going to make things better, the fear and pain will always stay deep inside. A long time ago somebody made the same mistake to think that control could somehow replace true love.

Years of suffering easily makes you forget such things. Now it is up to Anon to break through and reverse the roles.
But it is not as easy as taking her magic away and giving her love in her most helpless and vulnerable state. The insane fear she has inside could easily let the situation get out of control. You will get more lore on that in the future.

Here have a pet twi. the ideal end goal

Also magic surpression collar. just want to throw that out there.
suggestive140584 artist:duop-qoub515 twilight sparkle298082 alicorn220800 pony949153 descended twilight171 bedroom eyes58430 blushing194352 cheek fluff5343 chest fluff38048 collar32485 colored pupils9516 female1345558 femsub10620 gray background6984 human teeth151 implied human on pony action229 implied interspecies251 lidded eyes30052 magic suppression3842 mare471614 maw811 mawshot1440 open mouth141947 pet1892 pet play3562 pony pet764 simple background386971 solo1051200 solo female177712 submissive16398 tongue out101978


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Reading the Lore an idea came to me:
In the Castle, the Cutie Map is lying in pieces. Years between her friends dying and Anon being summoned, Twilight destroyed it.

She did so because it kept summoning her Cutie Mark and circling her own castle, and in her broken mental state, thought the map was mocking or torturing her.

While in reality, the map is trying to tell Twilight that the friendship problem is her inability to cope with her friend's deaths. And it kept summoning her because only she can make herself come to terms with their passing.

Twilight can repair the map, but she won't until she realizes what it was trying to tell her. Which could be where Anon comes in.