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safe1677949 edit129522 edited screencap63375 screencap218599 cheerilee9863 princess cadance32298 princess celestia93864 princess flurry heart7111 sci-twi23739 shining armor22851 spearhead142 twilight sparkle296880 a flurry of emotions1251 eqg summertime shorts3017 equestria girls196455 subs rock156 animated97195 art or a mistake51 droste effect210 exploitable meme33163 flurry art99 flurry heart's chalkboard96 gif30159 i can't believe it's not superedit80 meme81190 memeception352 mindfuck49 perfect loop1326 principal celestia3433 recursion394


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
The skew of the reflections due to the two mirrors being slightly out of alignment meaning that some objects in the next iteration only become visible as you get close enough is impressive.

Although as I wrote the above statement, I realised that if this effect was being caused by two mirrors placed on opposite walls, then every other iteration would actually be facing away from the viewer… xD