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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 7  
The Story So Far (12-13/26)
Discord in a Teacup, Trixie and her Teacups, Discord’s Tea Party. TEA TEA TEA. IT’S ALL TEA. PEAR BUTTER IS FURIOUS.
safe1919952 artist:dm291682 angel bunny10537 applejack184766 big macintosh30761 bow hothoof1214 bright mac1537 chipcutter128 daybreaker3319 discord34148 doctor fauna572 feather bangs598 fluttershy233260 hoity toity1053 maud pie13690 nightmare moon18351 pear butter3323 photo finish2818 pinkie pie234558 prince rutherford825 princess flurry heart8395 rainbow dash254923 rarity199314 scootaloo54597 starlight glimmer54046 strawberry sunrise415 sugar belle3483 sweetie belle52461 thorax4957 trixie73335 twilight sparkle326950 whammy151 wild fire922 windy whistles2406 alicorn264537 changedling10106 changeling56555 earth pony338890 pegasus382858 pony1267418 unicorn420571 a flurry of emotions1324 a royal problem2285 all bottled up1548 celestial advice1217 discordant harmony836 fluttershy leans in471 forever filly590 hard to say anything866 honest apple779 not asking for trouble578 parental glideance1138 rock solid friendship1304 the perfect pear1502 anger magic200 ballerina1098 basket3666 bottled rage24 brightbutter889 camera4487 cinnamon nuts70 clothes540410 cup7436 equestrian pink heart of courage155 female1555103 food83851 ginsing tea2 guitar5716 heart58313 heart eyes21637 helmet12979 hug32569 jalapeno red velvet omelette cupcakes15 king thorax3452 kite882 magic83753 male442016 mining helmet433 one sided shipping183 pancakes1516 pineapple542 pizza costume20 pizza head56 piñata284 rainbow dash's parents344 reformed four174 shipping224781 shopping cart183 simple background480855 statue2727 stingbush seed pods37 straight155178 strawberry1255 sugarmac911 teacup3354 that pony sure does love kites286 that pony sure does love teacups306 the meme continues62 the story so far of season 715 this isn't even my final form399 tutu1206 twilarina364 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135757 uniform12948 wall of tags5134 white background123671 windyhoof327 wingding eyes28743 winged teapot14 wonderbolts uniform6523


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Ask me about tiny mouths
@Background Pony #9EC2  
I don’t know why but theres a lot more content than the previous nuts and we’re just only past the halfway point.
I got an idea for a background, but I don’t think anyone would blame me if I hold out on one, should one that proves better appears.  
Background Pony #F342
Wow, it’s getting cramped, and it doesn’t even have a background yet.