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Sunset in the sun. Never drawn her before, but she cool lookin yo
suggestive (81251)artist:punk-pegasus (218)sunset shimmer (33120)anthro (143700)beach (6381)bikini (9141)breasts (129720)clothes (240061)female (396304)ponytail (7682)sideboob (6142)side-tie bikini (218)solo (656924)solo female (117546)sunbathing (149)swimsuit (12789)underhoof (29244)unguligrade anthro (26442)unicorn (91357)untied bikini (31)


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I suppose she couldn’t tie her bikini without exposing herself like this.
Don’t worry, Sunny, we’ll cover you from anyone else… we can still look, though, can’t we? You’re just too beautiful, you know.

Happy to see more Sunset, always. Also, congratulations on using your Sunset virginity, artist.
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Background Pony #54FC
Wait, does fur tan? Because that’s clearly not skin thanks to the fuzz at her knees/elbows/shoulders.
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