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33 comments posted
I see ChrysiPuff, Spirax, Feather Bangs and his trio, and Double Diamond being at least somewhat gay. Therefore, I very much like this.
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Background Pony #A7DD
I would say what ship makes more sense or who makes actual sense and who has actual chemistry but tbh i know this is just headcanon or made up stuff without the chemistry involved. lol sometimes…I just… I can’t help myself. I am sorry but I have to say it. Discord doesn’t like Celestia he likes Fluttershy they are the focused center of attention and his total obsession over her. I didn’t even see him care for Celestia. :I I’ll stop now
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Background Pony #FDC3
Okay, but who’s to say that there isn’t a spell that can change a pony’s sex for [blank amount] of time?
Just be a mare for a year and pregnant, you don’t even have to have sex if you have a turkey baster.

In fact, these spells could be frightfully common if you take Caramel’s forays into being a mare as cannon. He’s been shown as a mare on a few occasions now, what if he’s genderfluid and he has a supply of "one day" gender potion, so when he’s feeling female, he can be one?

They’re magic horses with plants that can make you bug sized, or turn your wings upside down, or change your voice, or make you fall deeply in love, or grow back a tooth. All you need is a unicorn or a potion pony with a special talent for gender change spells, and you’re golden. (Since it is stated that unicorns find spells attached to their cutie marks/special talents come easily to them waaaaay back in the first few seasons)

Heck, Zecora could sell these spells, I’m positive that with a combination of Heart’s Desire, Poison Joke, and a bit of rainbow, you’re halfway to an effective gender change potion.
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