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safe1679528 artist:tony cliff15 amethyst star2533 angel bunny9752 applejack167741 berry punch6508 berryshine6508 blaze307 blue blazes12 bon bon16186 cloud kicker1999 coco crusoe639 dizzy twister1088 dj pon-329001 doctor whooves10664 eiffel28 flounder (character)33 fluttershy209882 lemon hearts2145 lyra heartstrings29202 mjölna418 oakey doke81 orange swirl1088 rainbow dash231011 silver spanner167 sparkler2384 surprise2943 sweetie drops16186 time turner10659 vinyl scratch29001 welch57 earth pony238782 pegasus281520 pony941861 unicorn312152 my little pony: the movie18801 the art of my little pony: the movie209 background pony10157 background pony audience362 blank flank7467 canterlot5572 female1338859 male363578 mare467856 plot77081 stallion105195 unnamed character554 unnamed pony1823 wingless4075 wonderbolts3571


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Background Pony #F078
I'm wondering if Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt in the movie or not.

PS. That's Blaze, not Spitfire, but questioning it considering it's concept art-like.