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safe (1128337)artist:sweet-pillow (165)sugarcoat (2090)equestria girls (112185)friendship games (10283)clothes (252014)crystal prep academy (799)crystal prep academy uniform (2124)crystal prep shadowbolts (645)cute (96516)glasses (31412)leggings (781)necktie (3597)pantyhose (2016)pigtails (1853)pleated skirt (1750)school uniform (4489)shadowbolts (2042)simple background (191351)skirt (22817)smiling (117889)solo (680517)sugarcute (90)


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I'm Kind of a Big Deal
Tumblr resizes the images you can see uploaded automatically. The uploader on Tumblr likely put up a high-res image, and you’re just not savvy.

This one is clearly sourced to Tumblr.
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Fine Arts
Perfect Pony Plot Provider

can somebody explain me WHY are so many hig res uploads without a source whith it? i mean, no high res in deviantart or tumblr and sudenly this…come on!
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