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Prompt: Pony in loveOf course I had to do these two They’re just so cute together!I finally left enough time to actually work on the drawing a decent amount, and I actually really like how it looks for once!
safe (1128340)artist:lachlan765 (70)starlight glimmer (23086)trixie (43891)alcohol (3562)chair (3102)cute (96516)date (502)diatrixes (1311)drink (2644)female (426365)glass (2160)glimmerbetes (1749)heart eyes (6959)lesbian (61734)looking at each other (6223)mare (179233)pony (415191)shipping (124016)smiling (117889)startrix (1257)table (4569)unicorn (102214)wine (1341)wine glass (694)wingding eyes (9568)


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