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ICD-9 code 724.79
I don’t care if the weather’s mean
as long as I got my Twilarina
dancin’ on the dashboard of my car
I could go a hundred miles an hour
as long as I got the alicorn-y power
glued there with a pair of fuzzy dice

Plastic Twilight, plastic Twilight
dancin’ on the dashboard of my car
She ain’t no Luna or Celestia
but as I travel across Equestria
with my plastic Twilight I’ll go far

Background Pony #BD8D
Because no ETS2/ATS rig is complete without SiSL’s cabin accessories mod, which is where most of the junk comes from.
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Flying Pancake
Based on her toll receipts, she’s recently been through Equestria, South Korea, and the worlds of the Elder Scrolls, Kemono Friends, and Final Fantasy 14. That’d be a pretty wild road trip.
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