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EQD’s NATG 7 – day 9: Draw a pony crushing on somepony

Had to include a Twilight, for Twilight day.

I’ll let you decide who the letter is for.
safe (1174750)artist:dstears (388)sci-twi (12918)starlight glimmer (26149)sunset shimmer (38423)twilight sparkle (219190)equestria girls (120545)blushing (118749)envelope (118)equestria girls ponified (2012)female (500415)glasses (34268)hair bun (1312)heart (29032)implied lesbian (1604)implied scitwishimmer (87)implied shipping (2202)implied twistarlight (25)lesbian (64935)mare (211573)nervous (3054)ponified (28662)pony (456118)smiling (130025)trio (3399)unicorn (121605)


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Background Pony #589A
The Great and Powerful Trixie needs more love, and Twilight Sparkle is the perfect girl for her.
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