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From source:
"Random Jojo reference not related to the episode! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

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safe (1208041)artist:lumineko (2449)discord (23734)fluttershy (159863)pinkie pie (165558)discordant harmony (601)ahegao (13777)blushing (123007)clothes (280371)dialogue (37552)draconequus (3608)drool (16772)drool string (788)eyes closed (51279)eyes rolling back (650)female (530649)food (36931)ginseng teabags (40)jojo's bizarre adventure (1812)josuke higashikata (56)looking at you (90672)male (187561)mare (227933)marshmallow (837)music notes (1928)one eye closed (13721)open mouth (76357)origami (124)piñata (170)ponk (492)pony (477897)smiling (136157)thumbs up (592)tongue out (57936)wink (14862)


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Background Pony #C2D2
@Background Pony #CC87
There is no shipping goggles. Its literally canon that Discord see himself closer to Fluttershy than Pinkie Pie as he stated so in Discordant Harmony so obviously he will also see Fluttershy closer to him than Pinkie or any other character. And yeah, they’re also canonically dating no matter how much you will interpret their tea times as platonic it still count as technially just that.
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Comments42 comments posted