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Background Pony #56B9
Princess Celestia:Well, Luna it’s almost closing time, and we haven’t seen eyes or antennae of ol’ Tempest for hours. Yes, sister, I think this time, he’s finally giving up for…

Tempest Shadow:[over megaphone] Attention Canterlot management! This is your better speaking.

Princess Celestia:What?! [Tempest Shadow is standing outside the Canterlot with a megaphone]

Tempest Shadow:[over megaphone] I have the village surrounded. Give me the secret formula or I’ll destroy Canterlot! [Princess Celestia and Princess Luna run outside to Tempest Shadow]

Princess Celestia:Ah, you and what army, unicorn?

Tempest Shadow:What army? What army?! Look around you, Celestia! [scene pans out to Canterlot surrounded by Storm Guards]

Princess Celestia:You panted grass?

Tempest Shadow:GRASS?!? [Tempest Shadow laughs and Storm Guards joins him.]

Princess Celestia:Uh-oh. [Princess Celestia and Princess Luna run into Canterlot with Tempest Shadow and Storm Guards behind them; and a blackout within Canterlot are shaking and thudding noises, as if in a fight; scene cuts to Princess Celestia’s face]
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Background Pony #097A
@Background Pony #4937
Tempest runs out screaming along with the rest of the Storm King’s army… except for Grubber.

Twilight: Hey, why aren’t you running?

Grubber: I can’t read.

Twilight: _ Get outta here.

Grubber: (running) Hyuck! Hyuck!
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Sex: Attack helicopter

I freakin love it.

Y’know, even though the movie looks pretty standard, I’m hoping it will at least make me laugh like I did here.
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