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safe1689238 artist:mykegreywolf570 fluttershy210862 pegasus285149 anthro256320 adorasexy9592 armpits42728 baywatch68 breasts273339 busty fluttershy16931 clothes453226 cute197286 female1347200 high-cut clothing151 looking at you165439 mare472571 one-piece swimsuit4330 open mouth142272 ponytail17572 sexy28853 shyabetes13535 solo1052350 sports swimsuit40 stupid sexy fluttershy1052 swimsuit27786


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Okay, I'm gonna flat out say it.

She might be my least favorite mane six — but I don't hate her! — and I can't write her, and I can't stand her ninety percent of the time with breasts that would make her need back surgery… but Jesus, when artists like you get a hold of her, you just… create something magical.

This may be my favorite Fluttershy picture, anthro or feral, in the entire fandom. You just… capture both an innocence and sexuality of her that I can barely describe. I've always loved your anthro art because you nail how I think their snouts would be drawn if they were anthro. I feel a lot of artists make their heads far too big if they are anthro, or just directly copy the style of the show. You don't. You shorten them and make them I feel a bit more stout, and it works. Perfectly.

Not to mention I kind of have a huge wing fetish, and the size, thickness, and texture to your wings are just heavenly for me. Not so big that they look like some angelic art, but the perfect size to completely wrap around someone. The way they look so… real. You are a top ten artist for me in pure skill, and I love you. Thank you for drawing art for this fandom. People like me appreciate it from an art perspective, not just masturbation material! And her tail, that too, squee.
Background Pony #4308
@Background Pony #0970
It surely fits her more seeing it that way. gold butterfly? I see it being white but yeah it's nice.

My monitor is a nearly 10 year old, refurbished-before-I-bought-it and uncalibrated piece of electronics. Could well be anywhere from gold to white or anywhere in between and it wouldn't show up much different for me. /shrug
Background Pony #4308
not a fan of one-piece swimsuit but she looks good

Honestly a one-piece is more fitting for Fluttershy, given her personality. The gold split butterfly pattern is a nice touch, I think.
Background Pony #6DA9
I really like her muzzle shape. And the big wings even though they must be hella hard to take care of.