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safe1706497 artist:yakovlev-vad494 nightmare moon16928 princess luna99141 alicorn224440 butterfly7079 fish2501 koi55 pony967615 book33490 cup6294 duality4248 eye reflection659 female1363145 lidded eyes30705 looking down8849 mare480591 nightmare luna376 open mouth145860 pond866 prone25521 reading6270 reflection3176 scenery8035 scenery porn845 smiling248502 smirk12477 solo1064286 spread wings54722 teacup2912 water13255 waterfall1685 wings107407


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Background Pony #443A
@GaviaoKing So what does that make people who's spent decades practicing anatomy, light, color, etc like myself who prefer to do more simplistic works? Less of an artist? Kind of dickish implications, don't you think? ¬_¬ Also, I realize most of the known fandom is male, but not all of us are.
Background Pony #C814
Reminds me of Smeagol talking to Gollum.

Maybe Luna still has conversations with Nightmare Moon from time to time in this way, with any reflective surface.

Adventure Time played with this concept, too. B-MO and 'Football'.