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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 7  
The Story So Far (11/26)
Not a whole lot. The episode was rather average. This was kinda muted by the hiatus. Damn that hiatus.
safe1900447 artist:dm291681 angel bunny10487 applejack183638 big macintosh30577 bow hothoof1200 chipcutter127 daybreaker3279 discord33908 doctor fauna571 feather bangs596 fluttershy231576 hoity toity1050 maud pie13598 nightmare moon18217 photo finish2805 pinkie pie233101 prince rutherford819 princess flurry heart8334 rainbow dash253303 rarity197974 scootaloo54298 starlight glimmer53600 strawberry sunrise406 sugar belle3445 sweetie belle52134 thorax4901 trixie72927 twilight sparkle324693 whammy150 wild fire917 windy whistles2377 alicorn260882 changedling9784 changeling55566 earth pony330720 pegasus374417 pony1248027 unicorn411727 a flurry of emotions1320 a royal problem2273 all bottled up1545 celestial advice1211 fluttershy leans in471 forever filly590 hard to say anything866 honest apple776 not asking for trouble577 parental glideance1134 rock solid friendship1303 anger magic199 ballerina1092 basket3611 bottled rage24 camera4449 cinnamon nuts70 clothes533601 cup7326 equestrian pink heart of courage155 female1537323 food82563 guitar5654 heart57252 heart eyes21265 helmet12703 hug32226 jalapeno red velvet omelette cupcakes15 king thorax3367 kite873 magic82683 male435424 mining helmet431 pancakes1499 pineapple529 pizza costume20 pizza head56 rainbow dash's parents341 reformed four174 shipping222574 shopping cart183 simple background472864 statue2678 stingbush seed pods37 straight153510 strawberry1214 sugarmac884 teacup3306 that pony sure does love kites285 that pony sure does love teacups305 the meme continues62 the story so far of season 715 this isn't even my final form399 tutu1197 twilarina361 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134728 uniform12714 wall of tags5052 white background121085 windyhoof322 wingding eyes28193 wonderbolts uniform6462


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