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Who got the booty? She got the booty. You want the booty? You got the booty.
explicit (300010) artist:twistedscarlett60 (947) sunset shimmer (54143) anthro (214864) unicorn (235491) anus (82571) ass (38890) bent over (2409) blushing (165116) breasts (221441) bunset shimmer (1221) clothes (383412) colored pupils (8015) dock (40924) female (829987) looking at you (131964) looking back (45429) looking back at you (9428) mare (377298) nudity (314140) ponut (36166) shoulder fluff (1286) smiling (198252) solo (927526) solo female (161566) tongue out (83065) vulva (104526)


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Background Pony #59CE
Holy shit. @TwistedScarlett60, you've outdone yourself here. Sunset looks incredibly inviting with that soft smile and her teasing expression with her tongue out. Oof, I just want to bury myself in those folds of her. She's absolutely gorgeous.

I feel like Sunset has one of the best colour schemes of all canon ponies, and it's put to great effect here.