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The source link is of the original monochrome image. Also here at >>1341442  
I am not the original artist, I merely did the colouring and fixed a typo in the text box. Be sure to check out pshyzo’s work!
Sick gains.
safe1879324 artist:pshyzomancer560 color edit8148 edit148178 sci-twi27633 sunset shimmer69416 twilight sparkle322103 equestria girls223929 /fit/18 armpits44514 colored21176 duo93316 exercise762 female1517063 gym1062 implied bottomless35 implied princess twilight75 implied twilight sparkle2128 lesbian104467 scitwishimmer2431 shipping220093 sunsetsparkle4624 text69913 tfw84 weight lifting594 weights445 workout876 workout outfit852


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Well, she is prabably not athletic, but one would be suprised what an average healthy human can do, while they will not surpass any level of trained athlete, they will at least not get completely left in the dust.

Because, while not particularly common (as far as I know), some people feel underwear and such has a constricting factor for their legs as they lift.  
Whether it does or doesn’t is somewhat irrelevant, it’s a mental factor when lifting. You need to feel comfortable for your mind to think you’re ready to left such weight, and apparently people can achieve that by going commando.
Personally I feel like I can’t do it with a shirt on.
Of course, I could be wrong, but that’s one thing I’ve been told from someone at the gym who’s balls I could see while they were squatting.  
Not that I was mirin’, they were just damn near hanging out cause they were fairly short shorts… I wasn’t the only one noticing.