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questionable (96634)artist:the-minuscule-task (339)oc (499974)oc:nuke (87)oc only (352042)oc:speck (347)absurd res (60474)anthro (191288)bat pony (33733)bed (29338)blushing (146888)caress (84)female (707798)husband and wife (738)kissing (19110)male (240022)mare (309831)married couple (589)married couples doing married things (130)nerf gun (43)nudity (282048)on back (19347)pegasus (172096)pillow (12093)ring (1519)socker bopper (11)speke (84)stallion (66854)straight (104757)unguligrade anthro (35446)wedding ring (436)


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4 comments posted
A socker bopper? I’ve really gotta quite coming here, it makes me feel old. I remember seeing those things in the JC Penny’s Christmas catalogs.
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