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Celestial Monarch walked into the dark room magically lifting a plate of delicious glasses of orange juice. " Here are the refreshments ! "

" So what will be your next move Bo ? " Said Ambrosia, smirking.

" Hhmmmm… I don't know… I don't think I get it… " Boreal Sunrise whined.

" H-hey ! Grace ! I see your eyes wandering around ! Stop cheating ! " Yelled Dawning Paw. " Hey w-watch out whith that tail ! "

" Shut it pony face ! Now just do something Bo, we're all waiting for you. " Replied Radiant Grace.

"Easy girls, you're gonna wake Shining up. " Added Mona.

" He's gonna be okay. He's a big boy you know. Now, for the sake of Celestia, Bo. Please. I beg you. Just do something. " Claimed Ambrosia.


After the changelings liberation, Discord, Thorax, Starlight and Trixie remained good friends. They would sometimes meet at the Canterlot castle and bring their children along. While their parents were enjoying a royal feast, the children were bonding over board games. The meetings could last for hours and hours which caused the kids to have more than one sleepover at the castle. Sometimes they would be joined by baby Eris and Luna's son. They still hang out occasionally.
safe1573428 artist:seleniium40 oc603823 oc only409211 oc:ambrosia212 oc:boreal sunrise1 oc:celestial monarch2 oc:dawning paw1 oc:eris96 oc:radiant grace2 changepony861 draconequus8974 earth pony198276 hybrid15171 pony844226 unicorn265443 female897501 fireplace2355 glass4027 interspecies offspring6345 juice1171 leonine tail7341 levitation10526 magic65756 magical lesbian spawn10696 male304901 mare414681 offspring34312 orange juice127 parent:applejack3259 parent:discord2893 parent:fluttershy4032 parent:princess celestia1861 parent:princess luna1947 parent:starlight glimmer1138 parent:sunburst867 parent:sunset shimmer1482 parent:thorax490 parent:trixie1698 parents:discoshy895 parents:glimmerjack19 parents:thoralestia93 parents:trixburst21 playing card492 stallion92468 telekinesis24658


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