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suggestive149888 artist:duop-qoub518 twilight sparkle307962 oc719992 oc:anon11954 human160237 pony1026269 descended twilight182 :p9692 bedroom eyes62039 chest fluff41966 dialogue68804 ear fluff32048 female1415582 femdom8448 floppy ears55309 glare8326 glowing horn20867 gray background7809 human male6827 licking21073 male392961 mare509340 simple background414271 smiling265659 smirk13207 sweat28011 tongue out109668 twidom1138


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Background Pony #E4A2
not into eqg, so no sunset, and i’m not a particular fan of starlight. she’s growing on me, but not a favorite.
Background Pony #C11D
Really love this style you’re trying out  
Also we need more dom Twilight  
So much more