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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

(Previously known as Jackarunda)

potato wizard
The english in this is unbearable to look at.

As if 3 minutes searching the net to make sure your phrasing is correct is just too much work.
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Background Pony #17D1

Ok but I actually gave a valid point that I can back up with evidence, and you just let loose a barrage of insults with no backing or real point to it other than "I don’t like gay people". What you’re doing is frankly homophobic.
StarBurst is a disgusting ship, and I hate to see the character tag filled up with this kind of shit.
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Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

@Background Pony #17D1
You know that just saying what I said back doesn’t make your "point" right? It’s just childish and show you have no actual point or anything to come back with.

But all this homosexual nonsense is just stupid. Because you guys feel you have the right to try to force it onto everyone else, which is what makes it all the more stupid. And don’t try to defend such stupid crap.

But you did try to start something, because you just "HAD" to say Sunburst is gay, and want to be serious about it.
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Background Pony #17D1

Tbh not really. Sexuality is a spectrum, so it’s likely that most of the people in the world feel at least partial attraction to both genders. But I mean, do whatever you want, I guess. I didn’t comment to make an argument, but if y’all are gonna start one, have fun.
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