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Lots of dick on this one

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explicit (299094) artist:shinodage (1063) lyra heartstrings (26939) soarin' (12925) pegasus (212949) pony (779269) unicorn (233721) comic:magic touch (43) comic:magic touch part 2 (17) balls (61892) blowjob (27040) blushing (164690) colored pupils (8003) comic (95503) dark genitals (8633) dialogue (54914) erection (9768) eyes closed (73714) female (826366) glazed dick (2083) hand (7287) horsecock (55422) just the tip (813) lyrin' (9) magic (61449) magic hands (612) male (282050) mare (375120) medial ring (3630) nudity (313159) oral (41703) penis (129199) prostitution (968) sex (100243) shipping (174481) stallion (82753) tinyface (274) tongue out (82672) towel (3046)


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64 comments posted
O. Hancock
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CrazyInsane, GotNoBrain
I wasn't implying he lives in the ghetto, nor that it was our business. I was just joining the conversation. A friend of mine in the ghetto had his place broken into a coyple times and a thing or 2 stolen, so sorry if it was on my mind. Also what if he doesn't love in the ghetto but someone who does broke into his place? And why does it matter?
Posted Report

Well that sucks. Hopefully the authorities get hold of them.

I can't help but imagine it's one of the white knights trying to stop him from making Thunderlane treat Lyra as badly as they think he is.

She'll always get into it, eventually… even without the promise of bits. Besides; it's easier for her, under… current circumstances.

… having a stallion muzzle-deep in her marehood and all.
Artist -

Hmm, something seemed off. As someone who was very much drawn to this comic by Lyra's "Glowing Eyes" its very noticeable when they change.

Last page i probably missed it, because the action was in the upper panels, hurr-durr.