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“In a private room, at the back of a bar in Manehatten, a human, collector of rare items, offers to trade an extremely rare and expensive bottle of perfume to Queen Miasma.
The human knew WHO and WHAT the Queen was; he also knew of her love for rare and expensive items, especially perfumes. He also knew that he wasn’t as much at risk of being kidnapped or being turned into a husk, since the Queen would view him as an asset.
It wasn’t long after the trade initially began that Miasma started to taste subtle, but potent, amounts of lust coming from the human.She couldn’t believe her luck, not only was she going to be able to “pay” for the perfume, and any future perfumes, but the “meal” would be on him.
After transforming, Miasma caught the human eyeing her mouth, and the rest from there is pretty much exactly what you’d get from a sexy, and hungry, Changeling Queen.“

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safe1617191 artist:carnifex2304 oc628236 oc only418899 oc:miasma95 changeling43028 changeling queen13880 human146609 pony884958 changeling oc6837 changeling queen oc1723 clothes426676 dress41193 female1287361 hand8129 human male6401 male344382 offscreen character31221 perfume150 pov13000 purple changeling1451


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I do wonder, how would a still-predatory/parasitic Changeling react to someone who revealed that they knew the truth about them, but they still wanted to have a relationship with them?