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Some drunken Flash Sentry and Twilight Velvet.
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explicit376052 artist:kanashiipanda597 flash sentry13538 twilight velvet4613 pegasus332607 pony1147635 unicorn370383 ahegao26793 bedroom eyes64282 bottle4512 cervical contact1119 cervix1833 clitoris29875 creampie33683 cum84867 cumming24596 doggy style8194 drool26773 drunk5156 drunk velvet5 female1454133 flared3380 flash sentry gets all the milfs94 flashvelvet11 floppy ears56803 from behind14494 gilf594 horsecock75512 infidelity7231 infidelity velvet28 internal cumshot3850 male407234 mare529823 milf10369 nudity398433 one eye closed34581 open mouth165810 panting3137 penetration64607 penis166173 sex131584 shivering2190 slutty twilight velvet19 smiling280370 spread wings60954 stallion124972 straight145393 tongue out113759 vaginal43282 vaginal secretions42334 vulva139687 vulvar winking12962 wingboner8543 wings136509 wink26773 x-ray8553


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Background Pony #BB42
hey is the fault of Velvet and flash for be so drunk and who the moron a give them very high level alcohol in party? later fond out is Discord prank but go very wrong! and Nightlight him have sex with Cadence and Shining with Twilight, so all 3 mare be very a shame to have sex with the wrong stallion and the 3 stallion be shame sex with wrong mare…but one thing is sure none of will ever touch alcohol ever again! and Fluttershy be very angry on Discord for this stupid prank, he change the low level alcohol 0.5% to 50% so is 100 time stronger of then normal, plus the 6 victime are not the only one who be drunk, everyone in the party family party(for adult) a drunk, the 6 friends mare of Twilight a be drunk and have lesbian sex, Rarity have sex with starlight, applejack with Pinkie and Fluttershy with Rainbow and to make worst, all the uncle of Twilight who be in the party have with the wrong auntie of Twilight, way the go Discord…moron!
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Background Pony #BB42
when those two have sex and be drunk, Princess Twilight be drunk and she have sex with her father! the next day, Twilight and her mother a fond out to have sex with wrong mate and feel very a shame to have sex with wrong stallion’s,  
Twilight is pregnant with her father and Velvet is pregnant with special pony of her daughter,
all 4 dont want be drunk and make those mistake ever again, but make sure no pony fond out, Twilight and Flash will rise her baby she got from her dad and Velvet and Nightlight will rise their new child got by flash but never tell them is by mistake with their husband’s
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Background Pony #DCDF
Twilight go drink with her parent and take her boy friend! twilight mother be happy for her dauther to get a boy friend! al 4 go drink one bottle but more is go on and more all drink! all 4 be so drunk all them make big mistake! twilight go fuck with her dad and her mom fuck with flash! but lucky for all them no mare a get prenned! why? savety spell! all them is the last time take alcolt ever! all them got so shame and never speak of this again!
Background Pony #569E
New headcanon: Flash Sentry is Shining Armor’s real father. Look at the cutie mark.

Ya know, I love how Velvet’s now canon personality is an adventurous and exciteable woman who will try anything the least bit exciting at least once if not a dozen times. I feel like it meshes really well with the Kanashiiverse, since the sexual deviant personality compliments that. I also like how Night Light just lets his wife do whatever makes her happy and is generally more casual. Again, I feel it fits really well with the idea that they’re swingers that’ll fuck anything that moves, just that Velvet goes out looking for it while Night Light just sorta walks into it cause he’s a DILF.
Background Pony #A05F
Flash is fucking the mom first before the daughter.
You have made me proud, young stallion. I salute you.
Background Pony #4E88
@Officer Hot-Pants  
I was pretty tired at the time but I was thinking daring do and flash sentry have similar coat colors, are pegasi, and daring do seems old enough that its possible he could be her son with night light. Night light may have passed the very blue mane and shield defense similar to shining. Or shining went back in time and did it himself whateve. Crack ship thinking makes it a possibilty that velvet and flash are family. Im not really serious here it was mostly joking.
Background Pony #4E88
@Officer Hot-Pants  
Not family huh, with a blue mane and a sheild cutie mark? Are you sure about that?  
With a similarly brown yellow coat pegasus older mare around? We can’t be sure