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safe1586424 artist:akeahi44 discord28921 fluttershy199325 princess celestia90411 twilight sparkle284320 alicorn197485 pony853756 blushing177617 cute180307 discoshy2538 discute1001 eyes closed81085 female909255 floppy ears46806 hug25636 lesbian92457 looking back49682 male308777 shipping185293 simple background348665 smiling217831 straight122576 twilestia2498 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115993


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Duck - "You would all have 10/10 episodes if i was responsible for this season as story editor and I could do it for free"

@Background Pony #0B82
I could see it in like 100 years later after both of them had lovers who died either due their shorter life span or accident. Twilight would one day become as much of an experienced leader as Celestia so their Student/teacher bond could transform into something more.
Background Pony #489D
FluttershyXDiscord is the best. And its basically served on a silver platter for us.
Twilight and Celestia….eh. The mentor-student bond is far too prominent for me to see it any other way. Even for shipping, this one's always looked too forced in my opinion.
Background Pony #69C4
Some ships that i can stand behind (but I would only ship Twilight with Celestia after a long time skip, when Twilight becomes more mature mentaly for Celestia)