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Running out of old backlog stuff to post WELP
suggestive172915 artist:graphenescloset757 twilight sparkle332970 alicorn274507 pony1323816 adorafatty378 bedroom eyes72575 butt179110 butt expansion1567 cute236290 fat26073 female1603627 growth7194 huge butt13440 hyper13796 impossibly large butt8903 large butt25825 looking back74100 magic86496 mare618538 morbidly obese9383 obese13731 plot115230 solo1268469 solo female207601 the ass was fat18595 twibutt7439 twilard sparkle1588 twilight has a big ass693 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138583 underhoof61773


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Background Pony #8F4C
“Let’s see here… ‘PERMANENT - NO COUNTERSPELL - DO NOT CAST’… Whoopsie! Guess I’m stuck with this! I sure hope you don’t mind!”