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Took my sweet time with this, but it’s finally done!  
My 3rd collab with B-Epon…I hope it was worth the wait.  
Enjoy! :)
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explicit376045 artist:b-epon393 artist:htpot307 princess celestia98656 twilight sparkle313291 alicorn243393 pony1147613 unicorn370371 anatomically correct26059 animated103613 anus104968 clit sucking48 clitoris29874 crotchboobs22815 crown19592 cunnilingus10283 cutie mark51887 dock54664 female1454118 gif33917 heart eyes18357 jewelry74474 leg twitch251 lesbian102219 licking21738 mare529814 moaning6854 moaning in pleasure3404 multicolored mane2173 multicolored tail1626 nipples184514 nudity398426 oral52277 plot88928 ponut48119 praise the sun2121 regalia23085 royalty1321 sex131580 shipping212359 sound at source270 sparkles5141 squirting2745 teacher and student347 teats8394 tiara4573 tongue out113758 twibutt6181 twilestia2601 underhoof56126 unicorn twilight20361 vaginal secretions42332 vulva139688 vulvar winking12962 wingding eyes24662 wings136507


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Background Pony #140B
Is it possible there could be a hirez still image of this if there isn’t one here already?
Background Pony #27AD
Can I have a TwiLuna version instead? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Otherwise this is superb, amazing and all the positive superlatives you can think of.
Background Pony #2B32
Wow, absolutely amazing, I’ve never written any green before but I might start with stuff like this
Twilight reduces her teacher to a drooling mess while waiting for anon to come back from what ever BS thing she sent him to do

I exist, probably.
Should check the flash in the description if you haven’t already, has an orgasm scene and everything. Fantastic work.