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for those that have trouble self inserting as a bearded man with glasses
explicit350362 artist:jonathan the awesome223 derpibooru exclusive28383 edit132503 applejack169895 human154675 pony967416 anatomically correct23942 anus96841 applebutt4345 barn3173 belly button77872 blowjob31831 both cutie marks10406 clitoris27260 close-up6076 cock worship2882 dark genitals11130 dock49930 door3968 female1362950 foreskin2228 glazed dick2728 hay bale1120 heart eyes16599 human male6679 human male on mare3654 human on pony action10529 human penis11404 interspecies22924 licking20184 licking cock4733 looking at you168623 male372661 mare480479 nudity369975 offscreen character34149 oral48800 penis153416 plot79034 ponut43696 pov14001 rear view12046 sex121124 smiling248431 straight136392 stupid sexy applejack674 tongue out103938 vaginal secretions39831 vulva127752 vulvar winking11861 window8509 wingding eyes22256


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Background Pony #10CA
Double plot shot is a bit of an overkill and the vaginal secretions are dripping sideways :x
Not a bad edit tho, gj
Background Pony #3491
About how many times had a picture needed an alternative because of the name "Jon?"